We arrive early evening at Whalesong Cafe and receive a warm welcome from Jacinta, who with her partner, own the Whalesong Cafe and campground.

There are just five camping spots here and we share the very large #5 campsite with our friends who arrived half an hour before us.

We light a campfire, enjoy a delicious dinner and go to bed to the sound of the waves. It isn’t until next morning we realise what a beautiful spot we have ended up in – our campsite is right above the beach with lovely views of Pender Bay and the sunrise is gorgeous.

The amenities are beautifully rustic. The toilet is a pit toilet, raised off the ground and is partly opened on one side to the bush. There is a little sign on a string of shells at the entrance to the loo – ‘free’ or ‘in use’. A nice touch is the little hand basin and liquid soap.

The shower is very pretty. Also outdoors, it is partly enclosed and made private by a rustic pindan-coloured wall. While there is no hot water, the water is quite warm during the day and at the end of the day after is has been warmed in the pipes by the hot sun.

There is also a little outdoor kitchen sink and bench – all very simple, under the trees. The birds chirp and tweet as we do our washing up.

Each campsite is quite private and separated by the vegetation – and most have fabulous views of the bay. Underfoot is the pindan (red sand), and the sound of the waves is ever-present.

The Whalesong Café is a special spot. The home-made pizzas and cakes are delicious, not to mention the smoothies and flavoured ice-crushes. Sit on the verandah, enjoy the food and the view.

We loved our stay at Whalesong Café & Campground and can highly recommend it to those who love nature, tranquillity and the ocean.

Accommodation Guru
13-14 June 2016