Sem Apartments, Reykjavik, Iceland

Apartment 1, Sem Apartments, ReykjavikSem Apartments has an excellent location in the centre of Reykjavik. We are in walking distance of the main shopping area, the Hallgrimskirkja church and the harbour.

The apartments are in a corrugated iron building – typical of the beautiful older-style buildings in Reykjavik’s centre.

We obtain the key from a key box and walk a few stairs down to Apartment 1.

On entering, it is a warm and cosy haven from the cold outside. The apartment is clean, fresh and well decorated. It is a small apartment with two small bedrooms, very small bathroom and open plan living/dining/kitchen area. It is well designed and cheerful.


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Egils Guesthouse, Borgarnes, Iceland

Egils GuesthouseOn the 7th night of our trip around the Ring Road of Iceland we have booked an apartment in Egils Guesthouse in Borgarnes. This is one our favourite accommodations of the trip.

We have a 2-bedroom apartment at No. 6. It is a very charming apartment and the owners have put a lot of thought into the decorating and the amenities provided for their guests. There are some very thoughtful touches.

The entry hall has a row of hooks and shelving for our coats, car keys, etc. Off this entry hall are two bedrooms, and a wide opening to the kitchen and living room, with the bathroom off to the right.


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Brimnes Hotel & Cabins, Olafsfjordur, Iceland

Reykiz Cabin, Brimnes CottagesOn the sixth night of our tour on the Ring Road around Iceland, we have booked a large cabin at Brimnes Hotel & Cabins (Brimnes Bungalows on in Olafsfjordur.

We are in Cabin Reykiz – a beautiful log cabin on the lake.

Cabin Reykiz has three bedrooms and an open plan living/dining/kitchen area. The whole cabin is timber – floors, walls and ceiling. It is very warm and cosy as there is panel heating throughout and it’s very effective.


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Guesthouse Stong & Cottages, near Lake Myvatn, Iceland

Stong_Guesthouse_CottagesOn the fifth night of our Ring Road self-drive tour of Iceland, we stay in a cottage at Guesthouse Stong, 13kms from Lake Myvatn.

It is a cold day and we are glad to see the guesthouse – located on a 1100 hectare farm on the eastern side of Lake Myvatn. After checking in at the Guesthouse, the friendly owner points us to the nearest cottage. We are the only guests staying tonight, as it is the end of the season.

Our timber cottage has three bedrooms. It is very small and the bedrooms can only be described as tiny – however it is clean, warm, cosy and comfortable.


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Hvammur Apartments, Hofn, Iceland

Hvammur Apartments is located in the pretty harbour town of Hofn.

We have booked the private 2-bedroom apartment on the top floor of a small apartment building just near the harbour. 

There are two entrances to the apartments. The first entrance is on the harbour side of the building, up a flight of steps to the individual rooms that have shared bathroom facilities. The second entrance is just to our private apartment – at the back of the building on the top street – we park here and have level access to our apartment.


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Hotel Geirland, Kirkjubaejarklaustur, Iceland

Hotel Geirland IcelandThis hotel has a beautiful setting on a farm just out of the small town of Kirkjubaejarklaustur – a few kilometres off the Ring Road in southern Iceland. We follow the signs to Geirland, pass by a pretty waterfall and see Hotel Geirland where we have booked one night’s accommodation.

Hotel Geirland is not exactly a hotel in the normal sense of the word but a collection of buildings that includes the main building with Reception, Restaurant and Lounge area in one big open room, plus a number of cottages. Each cottage has two separate accommodations (a bit like a semi detached). We have Room 11 and next door to us is Room 12.


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Hvolsvollur Hotel

The small town of Hvolsvollur was our first overnight stop on our tour around Iceland, following the Ring Road. On our arrival at Hotel Hvolsvollur  we had a very friendly welcome from the charming Hotel Manager.

It was a wild and windy day and we were so glad to arrive at the hotel – which was warm and cosy inside. Don’t be put off by the exterior of the hotel – it was a very nice place to stay.


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Town Apartment, Reykjavik, Iceland

Arriving in Reykjavik on an early morning international flight, we had booked Town Apartment for two nights.

The owner of the apartment met us at the apartment (#304), gave us the keys and showed us around. We were very happy with the accommodation – it was a brand new, spacious and very comfortable two-bedroom apartment in an excellent location – a short walk to Reykjavik’s main street.


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