Greece & Greek Island Itinerary May-June 2023

We had always dreamed of island-hopping in Greece and put together a 30-day itinerary to take in the highlights of the Cyclades and Sporades islands, as well as Athens and Meteora on the mainland.

For a photo tour of our itinerary take a look at our Greek slideshow.

Our Greek itinerary:
Santorini – Folegandros – Milos – Sifnos – Serifos – Syros – Athens – Skopelos – Skiathos – Meteora

Greece - Map of Itinerary May-June 2023

We began our Greek trip by flying into Santorini and from there took ferries between the islands.

Useful information when travelling by ferry:

  • Book ferry seats online in advance either via DirectFerries.com or directly with the ferry company. There are different levels of ferries – the fastest are the most expensive.
  • You should be fit and able to board the ferries. You carry/wheel your own luggage onboard and it is a little chaotic at times with passengers and vehicles boarding by the same ramp. Good idea to keep luggage to a minimum.
  • Luggage is left on the racks provided on the lower decks of the big ferries and passengers walk to upper decks to be seated. Some ferries have lifts but many have just stairs.
  • Ferries are clean and comfortable. There are restrooms plus a kiosk on board to buy food and drinks.
  • Wifi is available on ferries but is not free.

Link to the destinations below:











This was a fabulous itinerary for those who love to be on the move and gave us a wonderful taste of Greece.

Meteora, Greece

Visiting Meteora was a highlight of our trip to Greece.

Meteora is a holy place. In Greek, Meteora means ‘lofty – and that is an apt description of the monasteries perched on the top of the amazing rock formations of Meteora. There were over 20 monasteries built in Meteora, dating back to the 13th Century, but today only a handful remain.


Skiathos, Greece

Skiathos is the main island of the Sporades. The island is accessible by ferry or by air and has plenty to offer – good beaches, lots of restaurants and shops, beautiful monasteries and a very pretty old town.


Skopelos, Greece

Skopelos has become known as the ‘Mamma Mia’ island since the 2007 movie was filmed there. It is a beautiful island of pine forests, olive groves and Mamma Mia film locations!


Athens, Greece

Athens is a vibrant city of 7 million people (one third of the Greek population live in Athens) and it is home to many famous archaeological sites.

There is so much to see and do it can be a little overwhelming.

To orientate ourselves we took a three-hour Athens Free Tour – a walking tour with the lovely Stefan as our guide.


Syros, Greece

Arriving by ferry into the lovely port town of Ermoupoli on Syros, we see immediately that Syros is a different island to the other Cyclades islands we have visited. On Syros, we don’t see the traditional blue and white buildings – here the beautiful architecture is blend of neoclassical, Venetian and Cycladic styles.

Syros is the administrative capital of the Cyclades islands. There is so much to see and do on Syros – elegant shops, lively bars, fabulous restaurants and lovely beaches. It is a wonderful mix of old and new Greece.


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